Is Espn The Worldwide Leader In Sports?

We have the same question as everyone else, Is Espn worldwide leader in sports? For the past decades, it has established as one of the best sports providers in the world. It has extensively covered major sporting games like football(general football), American football, cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, boxing and many others etc.

It has been continuing to push the slogan in their websites but until a  few days ago, they have kind of hesitation to push this slogan again. It is quite intriguing why there is a sudden change in the slogan and that makes question us what made them take such turn.

Now they have come up with a new one which reads, ESPN: Serving Fans Anytime Anywhere. This slogan can be a confirmation that they have their current tag of  Espn worldwide leader in sports? Or is it they have followed a new route.

According, to employers of ESPN that the company still considers it to the best and the leader in sports. But losses in subscribers and terminations of contracts with the major sporting leagues have made ESPN unsettled.

And with the availability of other sports networks like Fox Sports, Sky Sports, NBC Sports, TSN Sports,  CBS Sports people are going to turning other sports to network. This is one of the reasons why ESPN has been losing subscribers lately.

What did ESPN do?

ESPN is owned by Disney and these folks are great in running the business. And when comes to developing and adapting to newer strategies they don’t hesitate.

Let’s look at the recent launch of ESPN plus.  It is a live streaming service which covers all the majority of sports events like NBA games, college football, and many more.  ESPN + cost as less as 5$ and is more suitable for soccer fans and baseball fans. But you will need to have subscribed to a cable connection such as HULU, Amazon fire stick, Chrome stick etc.


Without a doubt, ESPN is one of the major sporting providers via online and even if they have lost some important contracts over the years but it is not bad as it seems. They might have not be the leaders in sports as the slogan Espn worldwide leader in sports doesn’t seem to be legitimate. But the brand is still popular today. We hope that you liked our article, come back again to enjoy more article like this.

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