Sports channels on Indian television

Everybody is having television sets in their homes and also not to forget cable or satellite connection to see the various channels. There are many channels and many of the reality shows coming which we usually watch for entertainment. Rest for sports most of us are habitual to cricket. If we shuffle the sports channels mostly we will find either the live matches of cricket or some highlights coming. Also in the advertisements only cricketers are dominating. We have forgotten the other sports totally. Sports channels are the special channels just to make coverage of sports usually live, and when not broadcasting events, sports news and other related programming.

The first sports channel was aired in 1977. ESPN starts its broadcasting in 1979. From then now there are plenty of sports channels than we can watch on the television. In India sports channels are integral part of the lives. Specially cricket broadcast, soccer give the channels very high TRP. There are many sports channels available in India like Star Sports, Zee sports, Ten sports and Neo sports. Out of these channels Neo sports is a dedicated channel for the cricket.

Ten sports is also one of the leading channel in India which has the largest viewer-ship. Ten sports has leading cricket rights like Pakistan Cricket board, Sri Lanka Cricket board and also the West Indies Cricket board. Not only ten sports is limited to cricket but to WWE, US Open tennis and Hockey World Cup.

Zee Sports is the India`s first private sports channel, promoted by Zee Telefilms Limited. Zee Sports holds the Indian Cricket Board`s rights for neutral venues single largest repertoire of cricket programming. Zee Sports also has the rights to Indian football and Davis Cup.

Benefits of sports channels

Unlike of other channels like movie, songs, cartoons, every sport will give us a lot of reason to be happy. We can cheer for our favorite teams which gives us non stop entertainment even though we are not present in stadium.
Sports channels also gives us the opportunity to be updated of the latest happenings.In short sports channels are integrated part of our lives and we can not expect our lives without these channels. After all they gives us the reason to be happy when our favorite team wins and also we can watch our favorite games which are played in other countries without being going there.

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