Top english news channels in India


There is something or the other happening every minute in this fast moving world and all of us have to be updated about what is going around. News channels and newspapers are the primary means of information to most of the people. People even dedicate a couple of hours to news channels so that they can get every piece of information. News channels are always competing among themselves and want to be first ones to provide news to viewers. To be the most sought after and trusted sources of fast news, most of the news channels have adopted various forms of journalism. All they have to do is provide reliable news to the viewers and they will be the leading news channels. Here are some of the top english news channels in India,

Times Now

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One of the top english news channels in India is hands down Times Now. This english news channel has enjoyed tons of success and is owned by The Times Group. The channel is headquartered in Mumbai and is known for its controversial lawsuits and highly sensationalized news. It has a viewer rating of 606,000 and is one of the most watched news channels on Indian television. Part of its success is given to their leading news anchor, Arnab Goswami.

India Today

India Today is a 24 hour english news channel that ranks as the second best news channel in India. It is owned by TV Today Network and was formerly called as Headlines Today. It is known to have sensational coverage of news.

NDTV 24*7

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It is one of the most popular news channel in India and ranks fourth in the list. This news channel is owned by NDTV- a channel that caters current affairs coverage to its audience. NDTV 24*7 has won many awards like ‘Best News Channel Award’ and many more. It has a rating of 338,000 that makes them the third most sought after news channel in India.

CNN- News 18

It was originally known as CNN-IBN and is one of the top three english news channels with a rating of 354,000. CNN-News 18 is the most trusted news channels in our country. This news channel is owned by Network 18 but was taken over by the Reliance group of industries.

Apart from these the other top english news channels in India are BBC world news, India TV and NDTV India.